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The Production Price Of Samsung Galaxy S10 + is $420

Samsung officially unveiled its long-awaited new smartphone series at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona. Official sales start in a few days, and now we understand what the real price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is. We remind you that the standard device version will be available for approximately $999. Thanks to TechInsights, we understand that Samsung is paying $420 for the production of each version of the Galaxy S10 +.

This means that the real price of the smartphone is about 42% of the amount the company sells on the market. The most expensive component of the device is the 6.4-inch AMOLED display, which costs $ 86.50. The processor, RAM, and other modems required to operate the model are made for $ 70.50. The next most expensive hardware component of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is its cameras, the real price of which is $56.50.

The built-in NAND flash memory costs $50.50, which is the 128GB version. It should be noted that the smartphone’s cost of production is $40 higher than that of the previous Galaxy S9 +. It is important to add that the company has additional costs associated with marketing, but also for the Galaxy S10 + package. It remains to be seen if improvements can make it the best-selling Galaxy smartphone ever.