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Instagram: Users will be able to download their photos, videos and news very soon

For a long time to save already published photos, videos or messages outside the app was not possible for all 800 million users of Instagram – one of the largest photo apps, . However, according to the spokesman of the company, this should be soon a thing of the past.

Instagram is working on a tool for storing your own data.

It’s not a question – Instagram is late in terms of external storage of its own data. For eight years, users have had to wait for such a tool and, as a rule, have had to rely on dubious third-party vendors, who have thus gained access to all the data of the users.

At present it is still unknown whether the photos and videos can be downloaded uncompressed, or in the quality stored on Instagram, or whether they are compressed again. In next weeks more information about the new tool is expected and what the extension is supposed to do. It’s still unknown if the users will be able to download more details, like preferences, lists of followers or stories. According to the company’s spokesperson, app users will not be aware of this until the update is launched.