China Plans To Send a Man To The Moon

In 1959, the Soviet missile Moon 2 is the first spacecraft on the moon, 10 years later, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin are the first human beings to set foot on the moon to snap the American flag. So, half a century later, the next state, or even states that will land on the moon, is intensely talking. This is also said in an interview by 3DNews – Yu Gobin (Deputy Head of the Center for Lunar and Space Research of the Chinese National Government). The news is a logical continuation of the debates that took place earlier this year. In them China invited lunar research to include other countries and private companies. As of then, the research spacecraft “Chang’e-B”, which will consist of 4 separate modules – an orbital aircraft, a special landing module, a moon take-off module, and a flight to the Earth. The request for this flight is forbidden in the next 4 years.

What other states will be in the ambitious Chinese project for the next man on the moon is not clear for now. All we know is that in March at US President Donald Trump’s command said that it is necessary to send an astronaut to the Moon in the coming years and that the first woman on the moon will be a US citizen.

Russia also does not stay behind, with its request that in 2031, will be on the moon, then the flights there will become regular, and in 2032 will even bring to the surface of the planet a special moonrover to transport the astronauts.

So, the intention to make a flight to the moon of China is quite real, we only have to wait for the Chinese flag to be waved on Earth’s only natural satellite.