Best Headphones for Sport

Listening to your favorite music while doing sports – great combo that provides a good mood and increases motivation. But, there is the question: “Which sports headphones should I buy?” Today we will introduce you the best Bluetooth models for sport lovers.

1. The Jabra Elite Active 65t is a true wireless headphones designed specifically for sports activities. Disadvantages: These heapphones can be a bit more comfortable and with an integrated heart rate monitor (like the Jabra Elite Sport)

– Interesting alternatives: Bose Soundsport Free, Samsung Galaxy Buds

2. Sonic a force: so rich and pulsing like Bose Sound Sport Wireless sound only a few models headphones.

– Interesting alternatives: Libratone Track + Wireless (with Noise Canceling), Powerbeats3 (for iPhone users) *

3. The TaoTronics TT-BH035 is a Bluetooth headphones with no special gimmicks. It works and holds the wings pretty well in the ears.

– Interesting alternative: Anchor Soundcore Spirit X *

But when we talk about headphones and sports, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • The most important rule: doing sports and wearing headphones, should always be done in terms of safety. Both the athlete and his environment should under no circumstances be endangered.
  • Perfect Fit: Sport means movement, so the headphones must fit well. So the in-ear models are usually in the advantage, as they stuck firmly in the ear canal. Some models are additionally provided with hooks or wings on the ear-molds, so that the grip on the ear is reinforced again. Iron-on headphones (over-ear / on-ear) must already have a strong contact pressure and at the same time a light weight in order to keep comparably well.
  • Cables – Advantage or Disadvantage: For in-ear headphones, there are models with a cable or neckband that connects both earphones. Since Apple’s AirPods appeared with two separate earphones, headphones without any cable become popular. Bluetooth headphones cable usually have longer battery life and can not be easily lost. Wireless earbuds could fly out of the ear with and may be lost.


  • Water and dust resistance: It’s very important if your headphones are water, dust and sweat resistance. Usually such features are also advertised by the manufacturer and can be clearly seen from the packaging of the headphones alone. Conversely, if a headphone is missing the label “waterproof” then it is not suitable for any kind of sport.
  • Battery Life, Sound and Design: How many hours is the battery life of your headphones? It is especially important headphones to provide the intended duration of activity (eg 2 hours of jogging). An excessively strong bass can disturb the enjoyment of music, but is not that bad during running/jogging. You can make “compromises” with the design, because it is not about the appearance, but about the functionality.