Amazon Music soon for free?

Amazon is no longer just an online retailer. With Amazon Prime, he has positioned himself as a veritable opponent to Netflix. The smart speakers with Alexa pave the way into the home of millions of users despite privacy concerns. Now Amazon attacks the top player in the music streaming area.

According to the reports, Amazon wants to offer its paid service “Amazon Prime Music” in a free version. So this has put the shares of the streaming service Spotify under pressure.

“Billboard” magazine had reported Amazon’s plans to offer music for free via the echo speaker. The offer started already. In contrast to Amazon’s subscription service “Music Unlimited” (ten euros per month as a non-prime customer), the prime service responsible for music is already quite limited in its paid version. According to the reports, the free service should be further limited in its selection and should also contain advertising.
Prime customers already receive music on Amazon. In addition, music subscriptions can be completed via the online giant. According to Amazon, “tens of millions” of customers use the offer. Spotify has 116 million subscribers using the ad-supported offering and 96 million paying subscribers.